Lyrics to Let's Roll
Let's Roll Video:
(feat. 8 Ball, David Banner)

Didn't think I was coming back this hard, right?
Body Head, Bad Boy
Fore I leave

[Chorus: Magic]
I'ma take him out back, buck him up good
Make him respect my god damn hood
Let's Roll, They bout to call them people, tell them niggaz
Lets Roll, They bout to call them people

[8 Ball]
Fat boy hoes choose quick when I hit the door
Jealous ass niggaz frown up, can't control they hoe
My crew thick, full of boys who ain't never scared
Niggaz who be frontin, give um something for they big head
Shots of Patrone, boyz blowed from the buzz blow
Keep your demo, your fucking with my buzz joe
We getting tipsy, looking for lips that wanna wrap around
A rapper in your town, get your friends, it's going down
We strictly pimpin, poppin hot ones til the clip is empty
ESC on twenty-sixes or the black bentley
I practice ripping mics and know these cats cannot see me
I'm doing this shit so fucking sweet, I make it look easy
From the city where they sing the blues and move keys
Fuck what you heard, I'm the shit in Memphis, Tennessee
I'm coming hard, that's the only way I know to do it
I only flash down when I no I longer shoot it


Whatcha know about
Breaking bottles and making weapons just to stay alive
Belt buckles and brass knuckles born from the nine
Swangin bows and hitting hoes, hoping niggaz see
On the end of my elbow is where you don't wanna be
Right song and right liquor, nigga getting sluck
See, we don't get crunk, my niggaz get buck
I'm a regular shit starter
Born and baptized in the purest of firewater
Shellhouse mentality, get it or get it got
Either your wit it or your not, but you know I'm bout
Jumpin off in the crowd, goin to war with the
First nigga that speak out, breakin their fuckin jaw
I'm from the mighty ninth ward of New Orleans
And a ass whippin is the only thing that I offer
Never lookin for trouble, trouble lookin for me
Since y'all asked for it, fore I leave


[David Banner]
Raise my middle finger, screaming nigga, "Fuck all y'all"
I got my bullets thinking, "Shit I can't duck all y'all"
Let the hammer fall flat til your brain on the wall
They gonna have to swim through blood like fins from jaws
To the south part of Atlanta, do I let that nigga go?
Hell no, that's what that nigga get for acting like a hoe
Or a bitch or a slut, mayne go and get some nuts
Just so you can let 'em hang and get them fuckers cut
Off of your body, off of your frame, mayne stop it
Your pistol like a pussy in church, you never pop it
My finger fuck the trigger, my nigga lets get it on
I run up in your home and slap your ass with the chrome
What the fuck? you want it, go and knuckle up
I'll take those signs and leave ya laying in the dust
Or like a baby daddy, gat'll pop you in the mouth
Fuck shit, that nigga still screaming for a shout

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