Let's Go To Copacabana Lyrics

Carmen Miranda

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Lyrics to Let's Go To Copacabana
Let's Go To Copacabana Video:
Let's do the Copacabana
It's tropical people go to your feet and make you feel
That's 'cause the Copacabana comes directly
from the canyons of Manhattan
In the land that gives us the coconut and bananas
In the jungles and the pampas of Brazil
No one there ever has heard of the Copacabana
But they will, you bet they will
Look at Señorita O'Toole and Señor Shapiro
As they swing directly to their bums forget through
the eye
They're ending all
As they cry, ay ay ay
With these beneath their bandanas
As easy as a fight
You'll be delighted to know
You can copa the copa the copa the Copacabana

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