Lyrics to Let's Go
Let's Go Video:
Why don't we get away to the ocean
There's no sweeter potion for love, dear
We'll dig for clams and
Scribble each other's name in the sand

I know a little shack with a back porch
Up in the mountains where fireflies
Usher evening in
Wonder where all those stars have been

Life here in town
Has gone and worn us down
It's time we bought ourselves
A ticket out of Frownsville

I see us by a lake in a cabin
That just so happens to come with
A boat for two
We'll paddle ourselves a rendez-vous

Let's go, we'll find a new place
A perfect me-and-you place

Let's get a little plot in a spot
That could have been painted by Rockwell
We'll plant some peas, and
Sleep until anytime we please
Figure out how to climb the trees
Get reacquainted with the breeze
Follow our sweetest reveries
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