Lyrics to Let's Elope
Let's Elope Video:
it's like staring at an ocean robbed of all emotion
machines in our midst but their legs are all broken
i've got this notion that i'm gonna repair
all the mechanisms in you that entice you to stand
there's a bug in the air, a snag in your movement
your every move could really use some improvement
well we are the process
we're going to stop this
get ready to move
while we blow the top off it

put your hands by your side and don't crack a smile
or move one inch 'cause we're taking the mile
to feel it is to move and we all know you don't dance

nothing's changed, everyone forgets our name
but they are not the ones to blame
nothing's changed, molecules still rearrange
the world at large has gone insane
something's wrong, when no one sings their favorite songs
what do we do when they're all gone?
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