Let's Do It Again Interlude Lyrics

Take That


Lyrics to Let's Do It Again Interlude
I'm the happiest that I've ever been
And I think I'm the happiest that we will be
For quite a while to come
The only way we can stop ourselves from
Going down, the only way we can be big
Is to do everything that we did

We've never started going out saying we needed
Certain individuals
We just go with the flow on that particular day
Everybody asks for individual stuff
There are so many personalities in the band
We are under no illusions of calmness
We taking big risks
But You know what Mark and I said at the start
We might get no chance
Might be a wonderful thing
Creator of nostalgia whatever that's meant to be
And we're going to give it a shot
It worked the first time around
Um..let's see if we can do it again
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