Lyrics to Let Your Hair Down
Let Your Hair Down Video:
It's gonna be a long drive home
Without you shotgun or buzzing my phone is a nightmare
Do I even got a voice here?
I put up a wall
But wouldn't have guessed that you would take offense and start a fight there
I had my finger aimed toward you but you missed the point, dear
I don't want to seem unfriendly, but I don't want to be your friend
I'm in a fantasy dreaming of a happy ending
But you were my reality and you set in

Sugar let your hair down; show me that you care now
Want a fairy tale? I'm ready to rhyme
The stars will glow; the wind will blow
At the top of your tower I'm tempted to climb
Let your hair down, love is in the air now
I'm well aware now we'll be all right
If you go down I'll stand my ground
Cause I don't want to settle for the next best ride

That was a dead end road
And it left me a wreck and with nothing to show
But the state I was in through the words I wrote
They help me grow
Or grow apart. Some songs break hearts, you know?
Well this one was state of the art
I don't want to seem unfriendly, but I don't like playing pretend
I guess I'm just a sucker for a sappy ending
Or bitter that it's out of my hands

I guess I gotta settle for the next best ride cause I'm giving up
Today I'm gonna treat you friendly. I'll take whatever I can get
But I won't be sweet for long with my sugar gone
I'll have this sour after taste ‘til the bitter ends
So, if you're dead set on leaving, run away while you can
I know when this wears off and I see what a loss caused me to give up
I'm gonna give in. So run quick
Run away while you can
Just run kid Run Kid Run
Come back
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