Lyrics to Let The War Begin
Let The War Begin Video:
Call on me, the spirit inside you
A force you haven't known

Who is this?
A challenger appears
This shining armor, this moral strength
You might be a worthy adversary

You have a fight on your hands
This soul of mine is chained
Make your introduction
And let the war begin

Is this my chance? Is this what I want?
Am I deceived...
I don't know what is right
But the spirit speaks so true...

Come with me
Abandon this imposter
This fight will tear you apart
I'm not done with you
My murderous work has just begun
This hateful crusade can't win against me

Your illusion of hate
I reveal your secret
Now the ancient evil knows
that its time is running short

Your innocence, dying would be too kind
Elimination from my world, you speak of treachery
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