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Lyrics to Let The Dogs Loose
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"If, you, think, that, you, can, fuck, with, Threat
Get.. these.. nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuts!"

[dogs barking] [someone screams]

The great L.A. Zoo rip the roof off this mother
Suckers stand back, fathers swear they hard
Big black boots, let the dogs loose
Woof, woof, woof, woof!
Not just 3-D, funky like a fat sack of chronic
at rap so make your woofers crack
Pull guns then roses, clubs, closes now
cause we shut this motherfucker down
See a fight, a fight, a nigga and a white
Got snatched out his truck but now he's alright
That's all I can say, better him than me
Jack and reportin, snatchin big [?] quotas
The media, made it, gang related
But if your momma woulda got it then a homicide
Get ready for a stand cause shit done hit the fan
Oh what a bummer - another crazy ass summer
Call they bluff, cause they don't have enough
handcuffs, to serve us
And next time it jump off, no squealin
Just kill and let the dogs loose
then reach for the ceiling

[dogs barking]

Fuck peace, no justice, no busters
And the war don't stop with the crooked cops
Highway patrol and the sheriffs and the rangers
Don't ask no questions, don't talk to strangers
If you ain't pro-black, you can get the bozack
.. and you know that!
I'm drivin Long Beach niggaz insane
Cause I'm like dope, I travel from coast to coast
So what you need what you need, spin and you can win
Help [?] buy a ninety-three fin
Got them mac-10's and them big fat hens
A nigga like me out to straight check it in
I seen far too lean fall for less than a penny
Only the strong survive this long scary ride
Bad with a light saber like Darth Vader
Blastin like Space Invaders on these perpetrators
Sewed up the block from all the snaps I plot
From what they tell us niggaz jealous of the grip don't even trip cause
twenty-fo' seven, souls go to heaven but
Some don't make it take it how you wanna take it
Let the dogs loose

[dogs barking]

I gotta bust one mo' for those on death row
Cause when I get the keys that's who I'm lettin go
They say they won't attack, but you know they wanna cuff 'em
I know they ain't built two new jails for nothin
Still get smoked on Normandy and Florence
All the way from Arizona to Torrence
Don't get jacked by the ripper
Criminals - got it hoppin like individuals
Slangin down the blocks, rollin in groups
Drinkin on somethin 90 proof
So let the dogs loose [dogs barking]
So let the dogs loose

[barking to fade]
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