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Lyrics to Let Somebody In
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When did you stop lookin` homeward Deep in trouble endlessly Just like a ghost `cross the water You disappeared quietly Now every day seems too long And everythin` just goes wrong So when d`ya start to live again Oh what a way for this to end CHORUS: You better let somebody in No open door to anything You better let somebody in The times growin` shorter Let somebody in You`re gonna lose it all again You better let somebody in Before your blood turns to water Now you get lost in your own time Hide your secrets far away Don`t count the cost when you`re fallin` Don`t have the answers so they say When everyday brings you down You`re just a face in the crowd `cause you don`t try you don`t pretend Oh what a way for this to end CHORUS I thought that I really knew you But that can`t be right And no one could ever find you Lost in the night (guitar solo) CHORUS

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