Let Peace Reign Lyrics

Tarrus Riley


Lyrics to Let Peace Reign
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We are confident
In the victory of good over evil
Jah presence around us with love and we must all agree
That it's time to stop pretending we cannot see
And if we all should close our eyes we would never recognize
The difference between a touch of a black or a white hand
So why is there all the fighting across the land?

To all the people of the word
Let peace reign
Tell all the boy and girl
Let peace reign
No care how you calling him
Jah here it's just the same
No makes sense we fight
Let us unite
Let peace reign

Tarrus Riley :
Stead of no war take a look and
Stead of the violence take a book and
Report to history
Trace up the mystery
We will .... the others
How they enslave the mind of the mothers
Tell her that your word is found in your color
But they never told us we were brothers
Brothers and sisters


How do if you this world religion
Its this really world for killing
I don't really know my thought differ
How do we want this world to be?
Its this our.......
They tried to said us free but we're still slaves

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