Lyrics to Let Me Know
Let Me Know Video:
Sometimes you feel like the world is falling down on you
And you know that deep inside your skin there is...

There's a hero living in you
There's a hero waiting up there

You're like a shadow in the moonlight
That is searching for its own life
But you just feel like no one cares

And now you're looking in the mirror
Your smile is up but you don't feel better
You still feel like no one cares

There is no coming back
This road is taking me away too far
A hero crawling out in the night to survive
There is no time to die
This road will take us right above the stars
A hero shining out in the night and tonight

I'm feeling weak again

Okay, I know
Life can be so hard
Sometimes, you fall
Then you get up again
Never give up when you're down
Or being left all alone on the ground
You know, everyone's been there

I have faith that is helping me to go on
Pushing the best of me to show
Something that I didn't know

There is no coming back
There is no time to die
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