Let It Go (Missing Part) Lyrics

The Glassfault Conspiracy

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Lyrics to Let It Go (Missing Part)
Let It Go (Missing Part) Video:
Welcome to my world,
Never tasted anything like you before,
Wasted all my exits are now closed behind,
The four walls that I've set in my mind,
Break down all I have inside,
No friends, no love, no life, why can't someone heal their own cuts?

Let it go.....
If you let it go away,
And old skin will touch the floor,
I'm divided once again.

Hope is dead.
Let's live life.
Take away everything.

Take me to a place beyond my agony,
Come down and we'll face our fears together,
Maybe this is all that life is meant to be,
To suffer as we hope for better future endeavors.

Chorus (2x)

Let it go....
Let it go...
Chorus (2x)
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