Lyrics to Let It Go
Let It Go Video:
You know sometimes

you think you're right on target

You know you're getting there

by bits and pieces

A cuckoo clock and central heating

A carpet in the kid's room

and corner seating

A bit of garden with a hanging basket

For you to look at

through the kitchen window

It was a world - it was made with love

To last

Not break up...

Let it go

You know some days

you wake up bad days

Something strange about the weather

A sudden wind blows dust and cinders

And spoils the food that's ready

waiting on the table

A crooked grin from a randy stranger

Sets the cat among the pidgeons

Windows crack and doors fly open

and something

Snaps like bone...

Let it go

You know sometimes

there's no connection

Days and nights spin round

like something's broken

You forget how you

used to walk on water

Making miracles like any normal Jesus

You know I only ever

gave you of my best

I never guaranteed

I'm better than the rest

And if a dirty smile

from a wanton angel

Stops the world...

Let it go

Let it go, let it go

It don't mean nothing

It don't mean nothing

Let it go!
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