Lyrics to Let It Go
Let It Go Video:

Born 5, 10, twenties I let it go
Somebody better let her know I let it go
Ups have it ground to the floor lady let it go
Gotta hold lot of money I let it go
Ups, I let it go, ups I let it go
I let it go, let it go
Your man sipping on cocaine, I let it go
[?] I let it go

Pull up to the club I'm in the black [?]
A black, it master burn
Don't... grind
No horsing [?] joking but I'm not the dirt
[?] 20 stacks in jeans [?]
Them chicks flocking over 'cause they know we got it
And now I'm in the building and we [?]
My money hel me your child on the [?] m
[?] your [?] muggin [?] I think I just might die my paper lie
Your paper cry


Damn the mama's working in
I'm [?] fighting over this dollar
So don't be surprised like some fucking [?] but they not alive
My money [?] get the five mess my [?] fresh hood then in my [?]
Pounds hey got them pounds
We just try to [?]
Diamonds [?] yellow stone call it sunrise


I'm the true for real got the blue steel
Baby best believe I'm a super kill
Make it [?] fast team
I'm a let it go
Don't be sturred don't let it show
I'm a let her go
I am make it rain

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