Lyrics to Let Her Go
Let Her Go Video:
Picture perfect with her
Tested flawless face
Highrise apartment
A penthouse adorned with grace
Exits her limo
As she steps over the man
Dead on the sidewalk
Jumping suicidal plan

Just a fantasy
Is all she'll ever be
Not what she appears
She is not worth all the tears
But after all is done
She won't be the one
Well you have got to let her go

Cultured circles
She is at the club all day
A dreamer's nightmare
there can never be a way
Off to the islands
With no ordinary guy
No use competing
When you can't afford a ride

She is walking
With her head up in the air
Looks my direction
But my face can't draw a stare
I've done all I can stand
Dead on the sidewalk
Jumping suicidal plan
Songwriters: FOGELBERG, DAN
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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