Lyrics to Let Go
Let Go Video:
All my alibis have turned around and told the truth.
Everything has gone face down.
Why cant I do the same, I've lied a million times.
And now I find a thousand things that I despise.
All I have is my cold blanket, and this sidewalk upon which I call my home.

Let go. Let go of me.
I see everything clearly.
I made myself this way and denied the truth again.
Wake up, smell the treason.
I see no real reason for my actions.
I denied the truth again.

All my alibis have turned around and waved goodbye.
Growing smaller in my mirror.
I see why everything has turned away from me;
and my lies galore and animosity.
Be free. Use my gift and I will set you free.

No one knows how it feels;
and nobody understands my point of view.
Sometimes you just cant take it;
Don't stop, keep trying. You'll make it
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