Lyrics to Lessons
Lessons Video:
Take it from the outside looking in,
Smash into the walls like it’s my time to begin.
Take a breath in then exhale.
Become a liability, stay calm or derail.
Kill yourself from the inside
Even when the outside’s gettin’ better all the time.
And I just need to stay calm when it’s all gone wrong,
Doesn’t mean it’s over yet.
So I guess it’s time to fight back against the ludicrous development
Ruining the essence.
But everyday is getting darker.
But when she’s so close, I just can't make her stay.

My guide has not retired yet, and hopes run high.
It’s getting darker outside, and and my head’s still high,
And I’m not afraid anymore.

‘Cause your not real.
There’s nothin’ to be afraid of.
Something I feel,
It can’t control me, and I won’t fail anymore.

And you think I’m lyin’ to you .
I’m tryin’ so hard to be believable,
When I’m so far down, tryin' to pull myself up again.
We’re so distraught.
Memory lapse and my ability facilitate the enemy
Even though the enemy isn’t that far.
So don’t tell me I don’t know who I am,
I’d recognize an enemy.

A hazard to myself.
It's something to be afraid of.
It’s just myself .
And I’m afraid of

Something so real.
You are what I’m afraid of.
Commitment so real,
You could touch it if desired.
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