Lyrics to Lessons In Living
Lessons In Living Video:
There is a failing man Who now contemplates ending For there is another man Who has conquered all his dreams There is younger man Who asks why they`re both crazy But I wouldn`t give anything For any other way Chorus: Lessons in living are not here just for nothing There`s a way to find a way back to The way we need to go Travel with courage Be not afraid of dying trying Ashes to ashes, we are not as we appear There is a crooked man Who steals for his survival And there is another man Who catches him in rage Younger man think that things should change I know that I once thougt this way But I wouldn`t give anything For any other way Chorus There is an ailing man Who lost his hearth defending The will of another man Who conquered all his lands And there is a peaceful man Who thinks that we must change this world But I still say that it must be For this is how it is Chorus (2X)

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