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Lyrics to Lesson Learned
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it's six in the morning,
you still haven't slept yet
you're tired from all yesterday,
but all you can do is
just try to wake up
and prepare for what tomorrow will bring,
it's cold out it's raining,
no one to complain
just wishing the time will go by
sitting here anxious a touch too ambitious
so tell me what time do we end
this on going process
cuz someday you'll have to begin,
working your ass off while they sit relaxing

do the same thing day after day
working only cuz i do it the right way
and soon these things will change
you lost all you live in the world underneath

woke up this morning
you realized it's ok
you're taking some time to just look at the sky
the sun is still shining,
i realize that life isn't working from 6
and not thinking twice,
you still got your brain and
you still got your life,
but your running out of things all the time
misunderstaments about how we live
running around all the time

one day these thoughts will come together,
one day this shit will work out fine.
it's just like they said it, but it seems like forever,
yes i'm distorted a blur in your mind,
and the ever race you run, it's only with yourself.
overcome the obstacles you just you need you,
nobody else
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