Lenin & McCarthy Lyrics

The Parkas

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Lyrics to Lenin & McCarthy
We used to have such an organized party, now I’m playing Lenin to your McCarthy.
You’re back-in-black.
We’re still in-the-red.
When you found me out I wonder, where’s your head? Spending time hoarding money is an all-consuming urge, but once you've cleaned me out, we really start the purge.
Said you had enough of me and my Stalin- I don’t think I can stop this wall from falling.
It’s won-for-you, and none-for-me.
Get ready for fifty years of tyranny.
Now this is fighting, but what’s it all for, when a silly little scrap turns into a Cold War?
We attack each other with all our might.
When it’s over, what’s left and who’s right?
Neither of us know with what power we're flirting.
You can capitalize, I’ll be behind my curtain.
Said you worked hard, it’s not your fault we fractured, but your labour of love it seems so manufactured.
I’ll make you see stars before you earn your stripes, that’s the first thing you learn tonight.
So don’t you bother wiping clean the slate, when you put me in this empire state.
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