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Lyrics to Lemonade
Lemonade Video:
Broken bottles all around
Pieces on the ground
That's all what's left of last night
That I have found

We're trapped here for too long
Now I see that I was wrong
I don't wanna fight
Wanna turn back time
What keep's us hanging on?

'Cause we are just ment to be
I love you und you love me
We must change, we must forgive
And start again

We're turning something sour, sour
Into something sweet again
Like a flower, flower, growing trough concrete
When life gives you
When life gives you lemons
Make lemonade

I left you for a while
But it's so hard to say goodbye
I miss you so, can't let you go
I feel I can't deny

I need to make this call
'Cause we have to break the wall
Open uo my eyes and realize
Tears don't have to fall
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