Lyrics to Legacy
Legacy Video:
you all want to hear this
there's charcoal on our cheeks
and this is where
we mean when we
say "oh my God, it's dark"
the dimmest place we've been in weeks

see this is more than just a trophy room
because this is where we keep our thoughts
and you and only you
can say you've been where no one else has been
you've seen what we've got for sale
what do you think?

don't hold back just say it
we want to hear your words
the meaner ones
and the coarser ones
the ones behind locked doors
something that we still have never heard

the sweet meats keep the bad man
always nipping at my heels
the demons and the dutchess on my track
it's skin and teeth and candy canes
and one last look around
and i can't get this monkey off my back

the pretty ones always get what they want
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