Lyrics to Leaving Time
Leaving Time Video:
we were getting tired of not living to the latter,
and yet not knowing how to do it that much better,
i was feeling awful all the time,
she was never really on my mind.

i know you'll soon decide that it's time to be a-leaving,
to begin the search for something worth while to belive in,
the frustration of now knowing what it is,
yet knowing you need more than cash to live.

you said don't you ever feel like human beings are a virus,
and if god loved the earth he'd do his best to sterilize us,
for i know the worlds a complex place to be,
but don't become a cynical as me.

a thousand pop songs say that life's a never ending highway,
and if you're young you'd close your eyes for the car and drive it,
but i know that for every open road,
you see a door that's just waiting to close.

please just follow the people who love life enough to use it,
use their eyes to see the earth, their hearts to make the music,
who love the world so very much it hurts,
turn that love into a chours and a verse.

you see, it's for you i write this song like it's the one to close the album,
but here i thought i'd finish before this drizzle became a downpour,
but please refrain, this ain't manchester,
no, if you close your eyes you could be anywhere.

it's the song i tried to write but i was young,
it's the song about politics and love,
you know the one.
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