Lyrics to Leavin' Kind
Leavin' Kind Video:
I was stumbling when I met you
I was sleeping on my feet
You were shadows on the dance floor
You were footsteps in the street
I had my back against the window
Singing someone else's song
I never saw you coming
I guess I should have known
You came rushing through the doorway
Like the winter, like a drug
Like some secret I'd forgotten
A memory lingering in my blood
Thought I saw you moving towards me
Beautiful and gray
If I had looked a little closer
I'd have seen you turn away
They said the devil's in the details
I never paid that any mind
If everything goes, I'd rather not know
I ain't the leaving kind

Snow was falling on the concrete
My wheels were spinning in the ditch
I was praying for a rainstorm
Then I was drowning in my wish
You were someone's silent film star
Reflected on my screen
So I watched you moving backwards
And started wondering what it means
You hid the devil in the details
And the rest got left behind
It wasn't my town but I kept comin' around
I ain't the leaving kind

Now your voice is in the hallway
And you're shivering in the sheets
Every laugh's a little thunder
Every whisper, just a breeze
And I'm shaking there beside you
And I'm breathing like I'm scared
I'll be back before you miss me
Will you be gone before you care?
Well the devil's in the details
And I ain't too hard to find
Go on, disappear, I'll be standing right here
I ain't the leaving kind
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