Leave You Laughin' Lyrics

Cledus T. Judd

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Lyrics to Leave You Laughin'
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Lately I've been thinking about this crazy life I live
All the things that I've been given
And just what I have to give
Oh I may not be a rich man in a lot of people's eyes
But I found the treasure I can share
Inside this heart of mine

Oh I'd like to be remembered by the smiles on your face
And if troubles come to find you you can always look my way
I will be right there beside you as you travel down life's road
I hope I leave you laughing when the curtains close

I'd like to give you silver around your clouds of gray
Some gold that you can cling to and the memories we made
And if by chance tomorrow Heaven's angels call
And I go on before you to the greatest show of all


A merry heart would make good medicine the Bible tells us so
That's what I try to bring to you at each and every show


I'd sure like to leave here laughing when the curtains close
Songwriters: Burch, Bruce / Overstreet, Paul / Judd, Cledus T.
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