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Lyrics to Leave The Lights On
Leave The Lights On Video:
Bring it to the table
All your evil to bring
Forever stable
Don't you change a thing
Remove the label
Let it shout, let it sing
Though it may be painful
It's not going anywhere
Might as well have, face of the clock
Time is a block that we're building
Shake off the dust, scrape of the rocks
And help all of us sing
Words of this song, sing em all night long
Without ever stopping
Leave all the lights on
This is a fight song
Forever holding your rocket

Do yourself a favor
Take pride in what you got
Thirty hours of labor
In a week it's fine, in a day it's not
Appreciate the flavor
That you inherit from the top
Takes time to savor
The taste before it stops

It comes from within
When you begin
Not when you finish the race
Something you make
Not a mistake
Something you cannot erase
Carry it through
It stays with you
Until you procreate
You give it to them
Starts from the stem
Forever holding your rocket
Holding your rocket x2
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