Leave My Woman Alone Lyrics

The Kingston Trio

String Along

Lyrics to Leave My Woman Alone
Leave My Woman Alone Video:
(Ray Charles)

If you don't want, you don't have to get in trouble. [Repeat 2x]
Hey, you'd better leave my woman alone.

Well, I know you are a playboy and you've got your women all over town
Well, listen, buddy, if you ever sweet talk my little girl, I'm gonna lay your body down.


Well, I know you've got your money and you've got a new convertible, too.
But if I ever see my little girl in your little car, I'm gonna do some work on you.


Well, I don't believe in trouble, so I don't want to start a fight.
So, if you take heed and stay away from my little girl, well, everything will be all right.

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