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Lyrics to Leave It Up To Me
Leave It Up To Me Video:
I don´t mind
If I´m bringing you down down down
I don´t care
Just driving you around `round `round

There´s a piece of me you ought to know
I ´m a selfish girl
There´s a piece of me you need to know
Somewhere out of your world

Leave it up to me
Won´t leave it up to you
Nothing but a one-way ticket a love affair

I don´t mind
If you think that I´m true true true
I don´t care whatever you do do do

There´s a piece ....

Leave it ...

Cause I want to
Swim this blue
Sweet world of mine and fade away
I´ll cross that line
And leave you
Even though you´re always on my mind

Leave it .....
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