Lyrics to Leave It To The Old
Leave It To The Old Video:
Below the belt
set you up for shame
like a villain from a film in modern age
but what they said
brought forgiving ways
let you carry on with equal scum charades

now settle for the white versions
of lies you're told
there's always second chances
in your years to come
you came for reassurance
but you'll get despair
just leave it to the old

the price of fame
sought for lending hands
but the nuisance of it never paved a way
you'll stay out there
no one thinks too high
of a foolish smirking coward in disguise

though all the reassurance
there'll be blood to pay
you'll never see it coming
thats the charm of it
and trouble is a lurking
'round the corner there
just leave it to the old

(Dank an Lisa für den Text)
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