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Lyrics to Leave It This Way
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(Ok go for it)

We've been through it all before the birth of June
Warmth of your hand and its ugliness too
Both racing forward we'll soon fall behind
Toward the long summer, we'll meet there in time
I'm lost to discover the dangerous truth
A blazing fog moon and the cold whip of blue

Like I'm stuck, like I'm stuck
Anymore pressure the end of my luck

Come back to bed you'll be saying
It's just a matter of time
You shared me out for the winter
To tell you the truth it's better to tell lies

Don't say it's all been for you
You know I had a hand in it too
The devil relax, what else could he do
It all ends the same, there's no novelty too

Then you cuss and throw me away
It's better be forced than leave it this way.
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