Lyrics to Leave It All Behind
Leave It All Behind Video:
I'm focusing my view
As you are walking,
Lighting up the room,
And I am hoping
The blue that's in your eyes
Will meet with mine.
We'll take our backs off both the walls,
Another step closer to the truth
That you and I were meant to find
All the answers to our clues.
'Cause it's 11:11 and we've got one wish
Put the pieces together
Make sure all of this will come true.

You're so calm,
So cool and collected
But so tired,
So down and rejected.
What if I said
All of this could change tonight?
So think back, have you ever had the chance at
Standing in the spotlight?
'Cause now's your time to shine.
Just step out of line
And leave it all behind

I'm tripping over moves
As you are pacing
Across the floor but you're not sure
What to do.
'Cause I'm dying to know if I deserve
The one who,
The only one who's lighting up the room

(Repeat Chorus)

I've been waiting
And I'm debating
Whether I'm getting through to you

(Repeat Chorus)
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