Lyrics to Learning To Live
Learning To Live Video:
A warm, peaceful river
flows down there. Blue horizons on your head...
You are lucky, get relaxed...
Do believe me, everything is running fine
we are here just for you, trying to save you and keep you calm
You're not lost, so don't care
if you see any shining 'round your bed, in that room
So be strong, and hold on.
There's a place near this house
and your daddy will take you there...
So talk to me, no, don't lose your will now...
A warm, golden river
that flows filled with mice...
........ Little mice, little world, just a kingdom to belong to...
........ Little world, little mice, just a kingdom to belong to...
No she's not able to speak to anybody else but her dreams,
she's a fool, she's a lunatic, she's never really existed...
just a joke of your mind... So, come on, make your choice...
Save the whales / Kill the flies
Don't eat meat / Don't kill pigs / Save the planet / Save your soul
Get left-wing / Get right-wing / Read Bukowski, don't waste time!
... And be kind, and be grateful / Tell me how you're so special
Buy a flat and some pet / and do not forget your roots!
Trust in Satan, he's the truth / Anyway you're nothing... nothing
And inside you are God, you are free, you are my son.
Keep on taking drugs and pills... Got addicted? Get cleared out!
Let's change treatment / Drink less coffee...
There's a light in the sky.
"Welcome to you all, come to me
call by phone and excuse me
if I don't speak so well... Let your friends come with you!".
She's never really existed... just a joke of your mind...
Keep on taking sedatives... There's a light in the sky.
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