Lyrics to Learning To Cry
Learning To Cry Video:
One of these days I'll make some sense of this all But he more we learn the more we throw away A lifeless woman with a child in her arms And the more we see the more we look away No matter where my feelings take me It's a million miles away Switching off is easy but our face won't go away So maybe I'll never make much sense of it all While there's tears in my eyes And I'm a fool for it all I'm learning to cry I'm learning to cry So maybe I'll never even see you again Though you could tell me I was dreaming If I could only get some sleep The whole world could be dying and I'd still feel the same For there's no logic in my reason And there's no order in my grief We could ration our tears forever and shed them one by one Explaining all the reasons for everything we've done One of these day's I'll find the key to all this Why we feel what we feel Why define what we miss I'm learning to cry I'm learning to cry I'm learning to piece it all together when no two pieces fit I'm learning to cry Distorted by the imagery of good and bad The thinner line of honesty that we once had An empty beach I Calais with my name in sand The beach is still there but my name has been banned It's four o'clock in the morning Oh my God what have I done And you wonder where she's sleeping And you wonder what went wrong And this emptiness inside me has a got a grip and won't let go If there's a million people dying I just don't want to know I'm learning to cry.

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