Lyrics to Lean On
You can always lean on me

I know the way things turned out Weren’t exactly how you planned them out Just know I’m here to hear you out Before you chose to hit the wrong route I know life is a funny thing we’ve all had our fair share of bad comedians things get messy when it hits the fan but ill be there just to help you to the very end I can be your mister clean Wipe them tears sweep away them fears Be the perfect team Just Tag me in I’ll be near to be the friend that you need

I can feel the rain fallin' hard tonight, so much in your world never going right, losing all the strength you have to fight, feels like your going down
But I’m here so you can hold my hand, I’ll take your worries while you take your stand, there’s nothing I won’t do, cause you can always lean on me

When there’s no one you can think to call,
And nobody seems to care at all
If it makes you feel better- you can always lean on me
And when everybody fades away
Just remember that I’m here to stay
When you wake up in the morning know- you can always lean on me

Now now now I don’t know all of ya problems,
But I know I’ll play the calculator just to solve,
You can either trust me now or later it’s no problem
I’m a be the hottest operator when you call in
You goin have the right friend, wit-the right conversation
You ain’t gotta question girl, there ain’t no replacement
Ya it’s a crazy world, but I’m kinda psycho
We ain’t no accident, no one callin Geico
Life is getting heavy so- I’m a give it lypo
It’s us against the world they don’t wanna pick a fight though
The new Bonnie and Clyde
We ride 'til we die
But we ain't going out tonight
Yes sir

You don’t have to worry with me me, down forever we’ll be be, you got someone out there say hey

If faith be the breath of life then I’m a share
'Cause tell me how we supposed to breathe w/ no air air
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