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Lyrics to Leaf In The Wind
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I lived in a small town for years and years
The only life I've ever known
But as soon as you grow and you're longing for freedom
It can't be enough for sure
No, this can't be all there is… if I don't try I'll never know
There's a whole new world waiting for me
So I'll pack my things and go

It's hard sometimes to look ahead and step towards the unknown
And find a place not to live but to be and start again on your own
There's a price to pay for the choices we make… sacrifices too…
And though you may think it's all a mistake, I tell you, your life's up to you

There are more than four ways at this crossroad
Each one would lead me to a different place and life… I know
It's a long way from here to wherever I may go
But it's something I must do to find my place in this world

Sometimes I feel like a leaf in the wind, but I won't forget where my roots are
As soon as I left a new bud was born and I can't wait to watch it grow
No matter if I'm on my way or how much time will pass
I hope the wind will take me home wherever it is at last

Oh carry me home…

Flew over the ocean to the promise land, now I'm living my dream
Sometimes it's still tough and sometimes it's not, I guess some things will never change
My new friends and my guitar embrace me in the bluest nights
My family will be always with me… But after all, this is my life…
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