Lyrics to Lead Me On
Lead Me On Video:
Oh Lord, when You hide Your face from me
And I pass through the darkness of my soul
Unaware that the shadow of Your rings
Is keepin' me from standin' in the cold

Somewhere out of the darkness
I need a light to shine
Fair as the moon, bright as the sun
Oh, I need You to lead me on, lead me on

And when this calloused heart turns into stone
And the shadows are falling on my mind
Turn around in Your silence, hear my voice
I'm prayin' for Your mercy one more time


Lead me on, I will follow, lead me on
Oh, lead me on, I will follow, lead me on

When this veil of doubt surrounds me, I will look for You
Never turning to the left or to the right
Like a sailor with his eyes upon the stars
Traveling through the shadows of the night

Songwriters: LYNCH, CLAIRE
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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