Lay Down Your Sword Lyrics

Jane Taylor

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Lyrics to Lay Down Your Sword
Lay Down Your Sword Video:
Lay your sword on the ground
The brave and the bold
Well they've all fallen down
And I think that this cause
We've been holding out for
Well it died

And here are the things that were left
Shirts that you wore, letters I've read
But oh what becomes of the things that belonged
Just to us?

You still have that locket you promised to fill
And I think I know now, you never will

And so now go…
Back into your life
I'll fall down into mine
Get used to the silence
Tell myself that I'm fine
When were you ever so tired?
Screaming your words at the wall
Who were you trying to reach girl
Who were you doing it for?
Who were you doing it for?

And thy will be done
But it's still a constant surprise
And something was broken
And something was healed
But there were no heroes
Left on this field

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