Lay Back The Darkness Lyrics

Kate Campbell

Blues And Lamentations

Lyrics to Lay Back The Darkness
Lay Back The Darkness Video:
How many times
have i stood by the river
and could not see
to the other side
hoping like moses
the clouds would be lifted
stretch out my hand
the waters divide

lay back the darkness
let in the light
take all the wrongs
make them all right
and if i could
lay down these blues
for good

for so long i'm standing
alone at the crossroad
praying for someone
to give me a ride
watching as slowly
shadows come crawling
but nobody knows me
they all pass me by

we're all born to trouble
in troubling times
this world has a way
of wearing us down
but the earth keeps on turning
night turns to day
and every new morning
mercies come round
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