Lyrics to Laudate Dominum
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Laudate Dominum
Laudate Dominum
Laudate Dominum
Laudate Dominum

Children, our mighty God
Greet you this day as one
Please enter this holy temple
And bow before the throne

Brothers and sisters true, proudly we welcome you

Brothers, sisters, rise together and praise our Emperor!

History plagued by warfare
Every bond cut by blood
Starvation, death filled our eyes
All with rain, poisoned pain
Bombs and faith brought destruction
Famine, grief
Shattered dreams
Never forget our past - souls and hearts torn apart

Child, be remembered, who suffered and died
Close to the heartbeat of another

Oh how I feel the pain
I share but every tear

Let us rejoice to heaven
Let us rejoice together
Let us rejoice forever

I made this world a better place
No more injustice slips through grace

Endless prosperity
Peaceful humanity

The greatest man to reign the earth...

Is Seth, our Emperor
Endless prosperity
Peaceful humanity
So rise up now and sing of praise to our Emperor
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