Lyrics to Last Time Around
Last Time Around Video:
What did I say to make you think
We'd make it through another fall
You shattered all my expectations
But somehow I knew we'd make it through it all

I've lost every thought of you
I'm losing touch and missing out on all I want to
(All that you find in life, and all that you take to be right)
Gathered thoughts have been building since December
It's killing me more than I remember
(Remember the time you said, "Words don't mean anything")

Misplaced, fallen words you said
I'm still stumbling through my sentences
I read over your letter again
"Tomorrow will be much better," you said

And if I let you go, I'll lie here bleeding from my heart until you're gone
From my memory, I'm losing track of all those days that meant so much to me

You said, "Something feels all wrong"
Another lyric for your broken heart
Or just one more lyric for this song
Four more words "tomorrow I'll be gone"

And I'll take back all I said
So live the life you've led
It's time for you to go
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