Lyrics to Last Three Days
Last Three Days Video:
Won't you sing to me
Won't you tell me that you care
Cause when you dont belong
They say that somethins' wrong with you

And I've been waitin here
Among the shadows I've been lost
Then you speak to me
And all my misery
Is gone

You know the Last Three Days have been a little bit strange
If you ask me now I'd say "get ready for a change"
Ask me know I'd say that things are gonna be alright

Well you know the LAst Three Days have been a little bit strange
If you ask me now I'm gonna show you what it takes
Ask me now I'll show you things are gonna be all right
The Last Three Days

Well it occurred to me
That with everything
That I'd found that I feel lost
Cause what I used to be
Might be everything
That I got
And if all it takes is to hear your name
will I find love in all of this shame
How could you see in me
what I used to be
And believe...



Don't you know that things are only gonna get better
if we leave our fears behind
Travelin down a road in the middle of nowhere
Knowin that we could stop on a dime
We could take a chance in the middle of this summer
Over the Last Three Days
We'll find love
Now its about time...

refrain chorus

Can you believe in me?
Can you see in me
all these days that form a line
and make a destiny
for you
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