Lyrics to Last Shot
Last Shot Video:
Don't close your eyes when you're on the run
Nowhere to hide when they've got the gun
The world we're living in could bring you down
Just hold on tight, keep your nose to the ground
They're shooting words high and low
Can't escape this battle zone
Now you tell me that you've heard it before
Can't take the heat I'll slam the door

Could be your last shot (this could be your last shot)
You've got nowhere to hide
Could be your last shot (this could be the last one you've got)
So don't close your eyes

The way you live is like a shot in the dark
Play it right it could take you far
Look at the world though lucid eyes
You can see through their disguise
In this world don't lose sight
Sometimes it's hard to hold on tight
We gotta find a way outta here
The animosity fills the air
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