Lyrics to Last Request
Last Request Video:
Sweet little darling
Just want to sit next to you
Piss and Garlic
but it's something that you get used to
There comes a time when they sneer right at you
There comes a time they don't look at all

Send me the words God
and I promise I'll believe in you
even forgive times
you didn't make my will come true
This is the big one; I've talked about this
This is the one and it won't let go

If I got fired, she'd still hold on to me
If I drank too much, she would'nt let me go
If I went crazy she'd pull me down gently
All things I've asked before
you should forget about them

Come now darling
You've heard all of these words before
I need to try to make them mean something

If you got fired, I'd still hold on to you
If you drank too much I wouldn't let you go
If you went crazy I'd pull you down gently
All things I've asked before
You should forget about them
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