Lyrics to Last One Standing
Last One Standing Video:
You'll die with fear in your eyes
Praying... begging for a merciful death.
Suffer 'til the last drop of blood.
In your hopeless position, this is the best that I've got.

Suffer, just like you made me do. Just like you made me feel
The bleeding has stopped, but the scars won't heal.
There just ain't enough pain to punish you the way you deserve
...In those ways I need

The hour is late and your time is up
You better run 'cause this day is mine

Die! This one wish and for this I'll fight
A single man's army, the victims of revenge
Rape! Your evil seed's planted and grown tall
You'll fall and I'll be the last one standing

There's a war going on and you're the loser
There's and end of this, and it's now
It is now
You're going down

Shivering, shaking, breaking down in tears
And all that you see is my smile
Now that you're gone and I dance on your grave
Maybe my soul will rest for a while
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