Last Goodbye Lyrics

Jonny Lang

Turn Around

Lyrics to Last Goodbye
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I had to come back here one just one more time
And try to trace the steps I left, left behind
A fool's desire for just one final glance
A fantasy that blinded me to the trap
Suddenly something deep inside me longs to stay behind
The only way I can keep from being torn apart
Is if I can get you out of heart and out of mind

Such a lonely place to be (yeah yeah)
Locked inside of all my memories
Which once upon a time I held so dear (so dear)
But now I see the truth becoming clear
The boy that used to live here has gone away
And now this man is standing in his place
I think it's time for me to face this last goodbye
You're out of heart and out of mind

I know it won't be easy
Just one step at a time
And with gods help I can move
On with life

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