Lyrics to Last Favor
Last Favor Video:
I feel I've done my last favor

So I'll say goodbye

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

I know we both

Have gone a long time being denied

Instead of being favored

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

Please don't ever let me do you wrong

And never do me wrong

You know, I'd like to dream

In dreams, in dreams

We never say goodbye

Goodbye, goodbye

Goodbye, goodbye

Once, I saw you on some corner

I tried to say hello, hello

Hello, hello

I know it's been an awful long time

And now it shows

How time has made us older

Hello, hello, hello

You know, I never meant to do you wrong

But life is not so long

And so I'll cross the street

I don't believe we ever said goodbye

Goodbye, goodbye

Goodbye, goodbye

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