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Lyrics to Last Defender
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As I stare at the sky I know soon
I will die dreams are falling
I can see the end in sight but I'll
Face my last fight someone's calling
All I see are shattered building bodies
On the ground
And I hear bombs exploding with the
Sound of doom
Such insanity
Lack of reason in their strategy
Egos on the edge now
Driving soldiers to their graves
All I hear, guns are blazing madness raging on
Fighting through the stones
In the ruins of the strong
Burning blinding smoke
As the reaper comes along
Now I know victory's a dream
As winter nears
And I am surrounded by my fears
There's no hope, I feel so cold
All is lost, I've been told
No surrender
We shall fight till we die
But tonight, I won't cry
Last defender
I can see as snow falls slowly
Drifting down on me
I can't feel a thing as I'm set free
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