Lyrics to Last Days
Last Days Video:
Woke up today, got on my way, heard someone say
We're living in the Last Days, and being alone, I naturally thought of you
There's torture and rain, your legs and pain, and I came to play
So if we're living in the Last Days
Then maybe, baby, there are a few things we ought to do
And all the weeping wonders will while away
But you're killed in conception, so there's no argument to what the man say:
"Last Days."
See, I wanna rave and misbehave, lay you on a grave
Oh, let's give it to these last days
And when the world don't end we can sit back and laugh about that, too
And with all the weird imponderables just crowding up the floor
Is it really so dishonorable to just get up and head for the door
In these last days?
And all the weird and uncomfortable things we need to say -
Can you feel yourself come out from under them
As we get them out of the way, for these last days?
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