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Lyrics to Language Of Love
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sippin' wine as we dine by candlelight
Mary J. serenades the mood right
a moonlight night wit' my cutie pie
no two more compatible than you -n I
gettin' intimate in the way we stare
catchin' feelings from the atmosphere
relationship delicate as silk
sex appeal mad real you know the deal
believe me you're in command
you keep the secret in your hands
you never fail to understand
the language of love
is it right or is it wrong
that words could never be this strong
we have known it all the long
the language of love
an eternal flame baby I can't deny the
attraction I'm yearning to taste your desire
licking you up -n- down in the heat of passion
never slackin' for a second forever it's lastin'
I'm blastin' off into another dimension
your body quivers from the force I'm deliverin'
I'm givin' total commitment when we kick
back relax and enjoy my presence
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