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The Terrordactyls

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Lyrics to landscapes and heartaches
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Zip up your boots run and jump off the roof there's a pile of snow that's at least a few feet deep no, it's not smart but since when is smart fun I'll be right be side you I swear I won't run away drop what you're doing and come home with me I got something I want to show you it's called my family well I know it sounds dumb yeah esp. in song but I want you to know where I'm from. Oh. If you want I can show you the field where I spent half my life on a swing, staring at the course sand, everyday and all night singing song to myself even when it would get cold as hell. Oh but if you rather we stay warm indoors making Christmas treats, paper snowflakes and hanging for the tree well I guess that's okay I mean it's probably better that way I can show you the swings set some other day cause there's work to be done in the kitchen with mom and my dads on the line and he's calling from far away into tomorrow it's no longer Christmas but he's wishing us well just as if he were with us maybe if you feel up to it after we eat we can walk down the block and I'll show you where I used to climb great homes long before they were homes, grassy yards, swimming pools or paved roads maybe once we're asleep I can show you that place from my earliest dreams that would make my heart ache not sure what it was but I know that it hurt more then anything else in the world.

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